Jo Oakley est supra britannique. Elle peint sa maison et l’assume. Et la mer. C’est une insulaire. Elle s’intéresse au domestique, particulièrement la cuisine (donc la femme selon elle, sans militantisme aucun, ni aigreur ou rien -simple constat), et l’Ailleurs ; mais, depuis la fenêtre. Des tables, des chaises, des bateaux au loin. C’est simple, c’est beau, heureux et nostalgique à la fois.
Voici ce qu’elle en dit :

"My paintings are infinitely domestic. The images I use have become symbols of the celebration I feel for the women in my life past and present. The objects I use are deeply cherished and loved.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, the kitchen table, the pots, cups and bowls are vessels for this narrative. In the summer months I spend time on the Kent coast and have done since childhood. The nostalgia I experience here is another narrative for my work. Although using these same symbols, in my most recent paintings the perspective has shifted slightly. The previously distant shapes of the sails on the horizon have come closer. These paintings are about love, loss and the contemplation of time passing.

The surface of the canvas is built up in layers of gesso and paint – with each one showing hints of the last. This part of the process (I think) comes from my origins in printmaking. The quality of the final surface of the painting is evidence of this. The richness and depth of the surface is like the memory itself.”

Nancy Liang


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Anna Craig

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South Tyrolian Alps, Lukas Furlan.

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London based artist - Emma McNally took her degree in English and Philosophy and as an artist is self-taught, developing a subtle drawing style which fuels the complex mark-making of her large works in graphite on paper. She also works on a small scale, layering tissue paper and pouncing holes in the surface.

‘I like graphite’s materiality: its mess and dirt as well as its capacity to leave the cleanest, sharpest percussive marks and lines. I feel like I’m forging land formations when I use it, or scattering particles, or spiralling vortices of smoke and water,’ she writes. 


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Adrian Chin is a 27 year old Filipino-American artist, specializing in pen and ink. In lieu of going to medical school, he decided to pursue his passion and pick up art full-time after graduating from college. When asked what inspires him to create his dark, textured and captivating pieces, Adrian said:

“So many things inspire my art-making. It could be a feeling, a texture, an image, looking at art. Sometimes I just want to draw and figure it out from there… I’d describe my work as: ugly, beautiful, [and] meditative.”

Some of Adrian’s favorite artists are Rembrandt van Rijn, Leonardo DaVinci, Zdzisław Beksiński, Max Brödel, and countless others.

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